Featuring: Dawuna, Valerie Franco + Caroline Sultzer, Matt Hilvers, and Elliot Reed.

The octopus has nine brains, one located in its head and eight in its arms. Every arm senses the surrounding world and thinks with autonomy, and yet, each arm is part of the animal. Using this decentralized nervous system as an inspiration for Performance Space New York’s curatorial practice, the Octopus series invites artists and guest curators to individually organize an evening-length program with several artists working in any number of disciplines. Octopus continues Performance Space’s legacy of artist-centric programming and creating space for the exploration of ideas free from expectations.



The Keith Haring Theatre
October 23 – December 19 (Closed: Nov 25 – 28)
Thursday – Sunday | 12 – 6pm
RSVP Encouraged

Online Stream

November 18 – December 16
Thursdays | 9pm


The Keith Haring Theatre
October 22, 23 | 7:30pm
Power is everywhere, in our relationships, our bodies, our beds, behind screens, and between the artist and her audience. In her 20-part multimedia opus, THE CHAMBER SERIES (2017-2021), SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY uses the languages of BDSM, animal training, algorithms, and robotics to explore how power, desire, and violence are inextricably interconnected from our most intimate to our most public relationships.
._SUITABLE_FOR.EXE[CUTION] — part expanded cinema installation, part evening-length performance–marks the end of the series and is organized around scores. Ranging from direct commands to subtle interventions the performers and audience members have to negotiate how to respond to the power at play. To the artist, BDSM’s explicit rules around submission and domination offer the opportunity to recognize more clearly how in our lives “pleasure, love, desire, violence, and anything that could be dark or dangerous are in conversation with each other at all times.”
*To enjoy the full one hour experience of the installation, we ask our audience to arrive on the hour.

This performance features the use of strobing lights, theatrical haze, and loud noises. Earplugs will be provided for those who wish to use them. If you have any concerns regarding accessibility, please contact foh@performancespacenewyork.org and we would be happy to help.

Open Movement

*If you would like to join us virtually, click here!
Join us every Sunday for Open Movement, a free open space for lo-fi rehearsals and cross-pollination evolving over time. Open Movement welcomes anybody who moves through space in any and no particular way.
Theatres are located on the 4th floor with elevator access, gender-neutral restrooms, and a sprung floor equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. Workshops will also be available via telecommunication.
Throughout the season Open Movement workshops are led by rotating artists and practitioners.
Open Movement is a revival of the eponymous program that started in 1979 and was at the foundational and collectivizing core of Performance Space 122 (now Performance Space New York).
Open Movement is facilitated by Monica Mirabile, if you have questions you can reach her at monica@performancespacenewyork.org.Before you visit, please take a look at Open Movement’s Community Guidelines.
Artist-Led Workshop Schedule:

*Donations are welcomed for artist-led workshops.

Kiki Ball

Icon Snookie & Legendary Shy Juicy Couture presents
🍬🍭🍬🍭CANDY LAND🍭🍬🍭🍬
Houses: Juicy, Mulan, Dusse, Playboy, Mattel, Marciano, Pinklady, Oldnavy, Versace, Louboutin, Wang, Dior, and Gabbana.

Pick a color from the original pack of skittles from head to toe (footwear doesn’t count).

Bring it in a pair of candy dazzled gloves.

Sneaker must match your candy.

Note: Realness is the only category broken down into the following point structure…Any other category will be determined by the last person/house standing in each category to get that respective point.
School Boy (10pts) – You are trying to raise money for your basketball team selling candy on the train (you can choose any box of candy you want)
Legendary (10pts) – You gotta keep your reputation on the block as a legend, come with your candy bling edible jewelry of your choice
Pretty Boy (10pts) – your a pretty boy with a hat today, candy dazzle any hat of your choice.
Butch/Transman (10pts) – come as a pastry/sweets treat chef with a special sweet or pastry treat
Thug (10pts) – Your girlfriend is upset at you for staying out late last night, bring her a colorful cupcake to say sorry and to cheer her up.
Executive (10pts) – Bring a candy plan on a new flavor of candy and name your trying to create
Femqueen (10pts) – Bubble gum can be sticky and tasty So tonight come in All pink. (Footwear doesn’t count)
Drags (10pts) – Tonight I wanna see your nails designed with different candies of your choice .
(All REALNESS winners will Battle at the end for an extra 5 pts )

Tonight you are the club kid Candyland king and Queen of the sweetland …Tonight come dressed as a royal candy Queen or King, but don’t forget your crown must be made with candy or chocolate or both… its all up to you. (MF vs. FF)

The Oompa Loompas are in charge of helping run the Willy Wonka chocolate factory .Tonight I want you to bring your own feminine interpretation of the Oompa Loompa. (women ,drag, fem-queen)

Sponsored by @sharieen rahimi

Willy Wonka allowed a few kids to come take a look inside his chocolate factory. When Charlie got picked to attend, he started to sing “I got a golden ticket.” Tonight remix that into a chant.

Licorice twizzlers and it’s stretchy texture has been around for decades. Tonight bring me Best dressed but 1 secret weapon piece must be made out of twizzlers. You can use any color or any flavor you choose.(MF VS FF)

The Almond Joy candy bar vs The Reese’s cup chocolate. Twisters bring it in all Blue and white effect (footwear don’t count). Sisters bring it in a all orange & white effect footwear don’t count)

Cotton candy is a classic for its fluffiness and sweet melting texture. Tonight bring me a cotton candy inspired effect. Male figure vs Female figure. (Last male and female standing will battle for a extra 3 points)

Lollipops are one of a child’s most requested candy to eat, tonight come down the runway with one of the biggest lollipops you can find…Go big or go home. The look is up to you.

Bring a candy or a chocolate that compliments your fit.

Hershey kisses are known for its silver wrapper. Tonight bring it in any silver and white inspired effect style. (footwear doesn’t count)

Mask and hand sanitizer will be given out. Free and Confidential HIV testing will be available on site! Free cotton candy and popcorn too!

Virtual 40th Anniversary Gala

If you’re able to, we ask that you make a donation to support the future of Performance Space at one of the levels below or at any amount you wish.
Jeremy O. Harris
Dona Ann McAdams, Chet Kerr, and Roxane Gay
40 One Minute Performances by 40 Artists
Adrienne Truscott, Alan Cumming, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens with Katie Bush, Carmelita Tropicana and Ela Troyano, Charlotte Brathwaite, Claire Danes, Coco Fusco, Charles Dennis, Eileen Myles, Eisa Davis, Hannah Black, Holly Hughes, John Kelly, Jonathan González, Julie Atlas Muz, Julie Tolentino, Kate Bornstein, Kembra Pfahler, Kia Labeija, Ligia Lewis, Lucy Sexton, Lori E. Seid, Mariana Valencia, Martine Gutierrez, Mike Iveson, Monica Mirabile, New Red Order, Nicky Paraiso, Pamela Sneed, Penny Arcade, Peter Cramer & Jack Waters, Princess Nokia, Reggie Watts, Ron Athey, Sarah Michelson, Tim Miller, Vaginal Davis, Yasuko Yokoshi
Precious Okoyomon, Okwui Okpokwasili, SK Lyons and Casa Dragones
Creative Direction and Editor
Lauryn Siegel
Web Concept and Design
Alicia Mersy and Cyrus Lognonné
Live Captioning and ASL will be available.


-Access to our Virtual 40th Anniversary Gala.


-Access to our Virtual 40th Anniversary Gala.


-Access to our Virtual 40th Anniversary Gala.


-Edition by Kerstin Brätsch and Sarah Ortmeyer
-Access to our Virtual 40th Anniversary Gala.

Vera Alemañi, Sarah Arison, Todd Bishop, Kerstin Brätsch, Sammy Chadwick, Kathleen Chopin, Alex Da Corte, Ken Dale, Bridget Donahue, Fairfax Dorn, Nicole Eisenman, Urs Fischer, James Fuentes, Vallejo Gantner, Suzanne Geiss, Michael Giordano, Meaghan Gragg and Hanna Liden, Spike Jonze, Maurice Sendak Foundation, Debbie Millman, Jessica Mitrani, Daniel Mitura, Modica Carr Art Advisory, Sophie Mörner, Natalie and David Neubert, Laura Owens, Sheri Pasquarella, Russell Piccione, Poppy Pulitzer, Andrea Rosen, Chris Salgardo, Tanya Selvaratnam, Cindy Sherman, Amy Sillman, Sokoloff + Associates, Jill and Bill Steinberg, Heather Thomas, Arden Wohl and Jonah Freeman 

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