“For an entire generation of queer artists working in the experimental theater world—including me—Tim Miller led the way. His imagination, daring and vision continue to inspire us.”—Moisés Kaufman, author of The Laramie Project
Climb along with performer Tim Miller inside the giant O of the Hollywood sign – or as Shakespeare conjured it “the wooden O” of all theatre and performance–where we try to take on the big themes of our time. Miller performs a new work created from his brand new book of performances and stories A BODY IN THE O. 40 years on from when Tim Miller co-founded Performance Space 122 and was then co-director for the first three years of Performance Space, Miller now returns to a most crucial performance “O” of Performance Space New York!
Jumping off from a day in 1984 when Miller scrambled up inside of the O of the Hollywood sign and imagined the performance space tree house of his dreams (Performance Space New York and Highways Performance Space in L.A.), A BODY IN THE O journeys through the hoops of the Department of Homeland Security, a queer boy’s truth-telling, a performance at Performance Space 122 in 1980 and finally a wedding day in NYC in 2013 as Miller imagines the full possibility of performance that changes the world inside these wooden Os!

Sphere Brilliance Forum

Co-hosted by Hadrien Coumans  and Juana Burga
Sphere Brilliance Forum is a series of dynamic, creative and engaging community-shared responses to the existential crisis humanity is facing with accelerating climate change. With the aim of moving humanity into balance with Earth, Sphere Brilliance Forum is a project which calls upon brilliant, creative minds and hearts to meet, share, support and solve together.
This fall, the project will launch its first public event at the legendary Performance Space New York with a conversation about our immediate future, keeping with forward thinking, generationally responsible indigenous cultures who maintain responsibility to place, community, family, and wellbeing. The event will have the audience sitting in the sphere, a circle, which will enable dialogue, engagement and community support to unfold through a series of interactions.

An Evening with Princess Nokia

With an introduction by Robot MoonJuice
Princess Nokia, who grew up between East Harlem and the Lower East Side, identifies as an afro-indigenous, queer, Puerto Rican woman. Nokia’s unique musical and performance practice pursues a radical intersectional feminist agenda, and breaks through music genres merging goth and punk with rap and hip hop. Her performances are a celebration of community and female empowerment.
On the occasion of the evening lecture, Princess Nokia will talk to us about her practice as an artist, musician, performer and political activist.
*ASL and Live-Captioning will be available.

Photo courtesy of Princess Nokia.


In conjunction with Slipping Into Darkness by Julie Tolentino.
bury.me.fiercely. is a meditation on sex and the aging body. Tracing the weight of touch and blood, Tolentino and Fila evoke an empathetic landscape, a fractured web, and a reflection of a vexed yet vital archive of tethered lives.

Photo by Hillary Goidell.

Founded in New York City in the summer of 2017, GUSH came into the nightlife scene to create a space that felt vital and prioritized queer people of color. Since then, the party has grown to become one of the most sexy and anticipated nights bringing together young lesbians and queers from all over New York and beyond.
Sex positive and celebratory, GUSH’s parties are “soft & softcore” and feature interdisciplinary hosts, exotic dancers, DJs, and live acts.
In an effort to provide a space like no other, GUSH adheres to what they call a “reverse economic pricing system” that considers the realities of gender and identity rooted in economic disparities.
The base admission price is $10, with a suggested price of $75 for cis straight men.

Illustration by Taeer Maymon.

All rights reserved by Performance Space New York
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