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Kiki Ball

Legendary NYC Mother Lil Kim Juicy and Icon East Coast Father Shy Juicy present the Wedding Ball
We’re teaming up with our neighbors, The Alliance for Positive Change to bring to you, the Kiki Ball. Emerging out of the historical House/Ballroom community, the Kiki scene is a highly organized and creative youth-led organization. It centers around so-called houses, with complex kinship structures, that function as vital support systems—support systems that the government and biological families often fail to provide. The underground scene is best known for its lavish balls, where performers present their unique looks and movement styles, competing in different categories for their respective houses.
Free and Confidential HIV testing will be available on-site for free entry.

Head to toe overness! Today is your day but don’t come in white dress.
“Say I Do” Tag Team Fashion Bride & Groom. The Bride & Groom are the center of this whole event.Y’all had made it to the altar & it’s time to take your vows. Y’all have taken Matrimony & make it FASHION. Let the people see how you brought it tonight.🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

The Wedding Singer is here to put us in the mood for love. Tonight is a celebration of two hearts becoming one. As commentators every chant should be about Love. From 10’s to battles. Feel free to use Wedding terms like “I do”, “Till death do us part”, “You may kiss the bride”, etc. 🏆

Speak now or forever hold your peace. You are not gonna stand by while the one who broke your heart walks down the aisle. In heels covered & stained with “blood” show them how you’ll be stepping on hearts the way yours was stepped on for this wedding.
White dress don’t forget your blood stain. 🏆

Part 1: Your Flight was Delayed and call time for the wedding is 3pm!!!
Come showing up late with your luggage and get ya 10’s for Realness.
Part 2: It’s show time and it’s time for you to show the groom why you are the Best Man. Tonight you will create a special speech for the bride and groom.
A tux/suit is Not a must but a Plus! (YOU MUST LOOK PERFECT) 🏆🏆🏆

Bring us Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Before you get your tens you will tell the judges what you have to meet this criteria. 🏆

The Wedding party is a select few specially picked by the bride and groom. Tonight show us why you was selected in a cold looks to complement the newly weds.
(4 – team) 🏆🏆🏆🏆

“Center Pieces” The Wedding Planner wants centerpieces so dazzling they leave the guests mesmerized. Dancing Dolls that look like they bout to come alive and hop right off the table. In Tiffany/Baby Blue Show us a dazzling, sparking, or shimmery effect worthy of the guest tables and the center of attention. 🏆🏆

Today is the most important day of your parent’s life. On this day you have 1 JOB! Your presence should have the guest in awe!
European: The Flower Girl don’t forget your pedals. (NO WHITE DRESS) 🏆🏆
All American: The Ring Bearer don’t forget pillow & your rings. 🏆🏆

You left them ladies so satisfied at the Bachelorette party they invited you to the wedding. You may be dressed up. But you can still show them how you got invited to the big day. In your sexiest version of a Wedding Guest. 🏆🏆🏆

Your man really married this bitch, but regardless you’re gonna show him what he’s missing. All his boys gonna let him know he fumbled big time when he let you go. The sexiest woman on the guest list has arrived. 🏆🏆

You just came for the cake, music & a good time, so you better look fly as hell at this wedding. In your sharpest attire. Show them what’s real. (Don’t forget a lil gift for the bride and groom.)
School Boy, Thug, Executive, Pretty boy, Drags, Pretty girl, Bangy, School girl, Legendary. 🏆🏆

You were supposed to bring the Wedding Cake & you’re gonna do exactly that. In a Wedding Cake inspired effect. Pump through that wedding like you ready to eat it up.🏆

Street wear has always been about remixing and recreating. Tonight we bringing Streetwear to the wedding scene. In formal attire, don’t just make it fashion.

We overbooked by mistake as you can see and it so happened that y’all showed up at the same time—and we have one slot Left. Show us why you deserve to be the entertainment of The Night.
The look is up to you (Don’t Forget your Resume)
$5 if you’re not on the list. 🏆🏆🏆🏆

MF: Diamonds are a girls bestfriend and she is also daddy’s little girl. Tonight honor your daughter’s wishes and come covered in Diamonds.🏆🏆
FF: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Your daddy loves me too. Today isn’t only about the bride, you decide to make it all about you! Such an evil stepmother.🏆🏆

Stop the wedding you have something important to say.
Tonight we want a creative safe for sex message that will educate the guest at the wedding. (We will leave the creativity up to you.)🏆




The wettest must see 3-on-3 tournament featuring UR FAVS (teams will be announced soon) followed by GUSH ~UAK~THEE SEXIEST SOFTCORE BUSINESS AS USUAL PARTY, JUMBOTRON, KISS CAM, JOCK JAMS, NUTTIN BUTT NET, SWEAT SWEAT SWEAAATTY SWEAT CHECK!
Basketball Tournament —> 9pm-10pm
with legendary commentator @peytondix
GUSH —> 10pm-4am
Doors open @ 8pm
Honey Bun, Naija Couture, Daniro, KENDOLLAZ
Body Hunter, Ivy⁣⁣
MC: Aya Brown⁣⁣
with DJ Sii Sii
ATM by @estehurr, (bring your 1’s or exchange b4 the show)
Hosts & Players
Will be announced soon!…
Red Light Special

°Post Show Privates(´ ❥ `)

$20 for a private lapdance 2am-4am

Flyer by

+ ADA accessible
+ Please respect that this space is for exclusively celebrating and centering lesbian, qtnb bipoc
+ This event will most likely sell out, we highly recommend you buy presale tix ASAP
+ Tix sold at the door day of: As always, $75 cis het men, $25 everyone else
+ This sliding scale’s purpose is to have a sacred place for us while not enforcing or questioning anyone’s gender or identity at the door. Pay how you identify – no bodies policed, no questions.
+ We are a mindful and respectful nightlife space, please honor that with us and each other. Consent is sexy.
On Body & Ivy’s performance MC’d by Aya Brown:⁣⁣⁣
+ Please remember you are in a sacred space honoring, loving, respecting, and celebrating Black Women. It is a privilege for you to be here.
+ If you are standing in the front row or in a seat, you are participating in the show and must tip. If you don’t have the means you must make room for others that wanna show love $$$.⁣⁣⁣
+ Do not by any means touch any money that’s already been tipped during the show..⁣⁣⁣
+ BUT do help us with collecting all their tips at the end of the show by gathering all dollars toward the center of the circle. ⁣⁣⁣
+ Do be respectful of photos/videos you post & share.

Performances and moments orchestrated through aesthetic encounters will occur throughout the day. That said, the time in between, alongside, before, and after the artworks, poems, and music shared are the true spirit and intent of this day. As much as we love everyone who is performing, we love the fact that everyone will also, hopefully, be hanging out, too. Throughout the day people will be arriving and leaving, coming and going, and moving between the courtyard and Performance Space’s interior and our Zoom rooms. We hope that the access infrastructure we have planned will be able to hold the different comings and goings we know of, as well as those we have no way of knowing will occur. We don’t separate access from life, life from access or access from fun. We know it won’t all go perfectly and that access interference may occur. When it does, we hope we’ll move through this together. Improvisation is our condition. To that end and in these means, we’ve composed the following access infrastructures:
Access URL
Livestream connectivity between in-person and online attendance via Zoom. Live CART captioning. ASL interpretation for performances and breakout rooms. Audio Description (live discrete description via the second language channel on Zoom). Access doulas will read out the chat and provide occasional descriptions of sound and visuals where applicable. Zoom breakout rooms, including a quiet-only breakout room.
Access IRL
Livestream connectivity between in-person and online attendance via Zoom. Live CART captioning. In-person ASL interpretation for performances as well as for informal conversation among attendees. Audio Description (live discrete description on devices). Access doulas on site for welcoming, wayfinding, and occasional description of sound and visuals where applicable. Low Stim/Quiet Lounge inside. Shade and rain cover. Seating, d/Deaf priority haptic platform, and space for mobility aids and Service Animals. A free food truck will be onsite at Performance Space serving Palestinian food with gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options.

Performance Space New York is located at 150 First Avenue at the corner of 9th Street in Manhattan. The courtyard is step-free; the ground is a wheelchair accessible ecofloor system (grid of tightly packed gravel). ADA all-gender bathrooms are located inside Performance Space on the 4th and 5th floors. On the 1st floor are gender-segregated, ADA, multi-stall bathrooms.
Weather Contingency
In the event of heavy rain or outdoor Air Quality Indexes (AQI) in excess of 100, this event will be rescheduled.
Audience Travel Fund

Traveling to Performance Space from within NYC? Please fill out this form by June 19 for a free Lyft/Uber voucher or reimbursement from our travel fund made to bring you here.
Covid Safety
This is a primarily online and outdoor event. Many people will be wearing masks. Some of us can’t wear masks, and for some of us masking makes communicating impossible. If you can maintain distance while communicating and hanging out, please do. If you can mask, please do. “Smile” see-through masks will be available onsite. Please stay home and rest if you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms or if you have been recently exposed to COVID. And of course, if you are able, please attend online instead and trust it will be one of the best Zooms you’ve been to!

Both in-person and online attendance is free with RSVP. Please RSVP here for in-person attendance and here for virtual attendance.
Getting in Touch
If you or a friend require a particular form of support or translation not listed here or in the event descriptions, we would love to connect. Email us at Advance notice is appreciated and requests made by June 11 will have the best chance of being met.
Getting to Performance Space
Click each train stop to view a video route to Performance Space New York.
L train to 1st Avenue
6 train to Astor Place
F train to 2nd Avenue
R/W trains to 8 Street Station

4/5/6/N/Q/R trains to Union Square  – wheelchair accessible
6/B/D/F/M trains to Bleeker/Broadway-Lafayette Street – wheelchair accessible
Bus Stops
M8– St Marks Place/ 1st Avenue, East 9th Street/1st Avenue
M14a– Avenue A/ East 9th Street
M15– 1st Avenue/ St. Marks Place
Note: If you are new to Access-A-Ride, it may take up to 21 days to process your application. Please plan accordingly.
Limited street parking is available close to Performance Space New York. Please read street signs carefully. Meter rates are posted on each parking meter, typically $5.50 for the first hour, and $15.59 for 2-hour increments.
The closest parking garage to Performance Space New York can be found at 310 East 11th Streetbetween First and Second Avenues, 0.2 miles from Performance Space. It’s called “Park It Nice” and can be reached (212) 475-5262 to inquire about their rates if you are interested.

I wanna be with you everywhere

Image Description: Three cats peer out, intensely curious, soft, and wise. Black eyes and chiseled features inviting, calling us into their world. Their lavender, bright blue, and white bodies shine against the sky blue background. A bright blue line outlines each cat and one, yes, is that right? Yes, one is upside down. All three kitties live in a heart-shaped window with a chunk sliced off the right lobe.

122CC Courtyard
June 21 | 4 – 8pm

Free with RSVP


June 21 | 4 – 8pm

Free with RSVP
Performers: People Who Stutter Create (Jia Bin, Delicia Daniels,
JJJJJerome Ellis, Conor Foran, Kristel Kubart) and Crip Movement Lab (Kayla Hamilton with Elisabeth Motley).
Emcees: Dickie Hearts + Anjel Piñero with online hosts Cyrée Jarelle Johnson + Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Johanna Hedva + NEVE, and Alice Sheppard + Oliver Stabbe.
Audio Program for I wanna be with you everywhere.
I wanna be with you everywhere returns to your bedroom, hospital bed, backyard, kitchen table, living room, back room, no room, Zoom room, and Performance Space New York’s outdoor courtyard on Friday, June 21 from 4pm–8pm EST. The hang features Kayla Hamilton and Elisabeth Motley (Crip Movement Lab), Jia Bin, Delicia Daniels, JJJJJerome Ellis, Conor Foran, and Kristel Kubart (People Who Stutter Create). This hybrid-online pop-up solstice gathering is the third iteration of IWBWYE and this third time’s a real charm: we’re conjuring up an even chiller vibe than before.
On the solstice, I wanna be with you everywhere celebrates disabled activist, author, writer, editor, and community organizer, Alice Wong, for all the ways Wong has spread the wealth of k/crip love, knowledge, and resistance. Disability Visibility Project, the media platform Wong founded, is “an online community dedicated to creating, sharing, and amplifying disability media and culture.” IWBWYE honors Alice Wong for her writing on Palestinian liberation as an urgent disability justice issue. Wong’s new anthology, Disability Intimacy: Essays on Love, Care, and Desire, is available now.
ASL interpretation (on stage and floating for conversation), CART captioning, Audio Description (AD), Image Description (ID), and creative sound description are all in our hybrid access ecologies in-person and online; Zoom hosts and Access Doulas will keep us together.
Planning to join in person at Performance Space New York? Many of us will be wearing masks with the understanding that not everyone can mask. Free food truck out front. ADA all gender bathrooms, an indoor Low Stim-Room (masks highly encouraged and provided), and a haptic platform (This is d/Deaf Priority seating but all are welcome).
Traveling to Performance Space from within NYC? Please fill out this form by June 19 for a free Lyft/Uber voucher or reimbursement from our travel fund made to bring you here. Or see you online where we have talk show vibes and cameo crushes, a lively monitored chat that we break to read out, and break out rooms for smaller hangs and quiet space.
Attendance online and in person is free with RSVP.
IWBWYE is a celebration of nonlocality, roaming, peripatetic (traveling) passions. It’s a stranded, stuck, slowed, stop-time love scene. 2024’s Summer Solstice launches our upcoming K/Crip School pilot with deepened invocations from kin and collectives. Our study is the get together. There won’t really be an end as this is actually just the beginning (again), third round around, encore before—in continual rehearsal.
Our General Access page has info on access provisions in the URL space + IRL space, our audience travel fund for those who reside locally, how to make general access inquiries, plus so much more information about the event.

On Zoom, a shifting cycle of online Hosts begins: Cyrée Jarelle Johnson and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Johanna Hedva and NEVE, Chella Man and Oliver Stabbe, and Courtyard Emcees Dickie Hearts and Special Guest. 

Access: Audio description (AD), ASL, CART
For hanging out with old and new friends while crossing the digital, access, and geographic divides that often separate us.

Access: Audio description (AD), ASL, CART
Following last year’s Performance in the spirit and celebration of Aster of Ceremonies, JJJJJerome Ellis returns to Performance Space’s courtyard with People Who Stutter Create. Jia Bin, Delicia Daniels, JJJJJerome Ellis, Conor Foran, Kristel Kubart (People Who Stutter Create) welcome us into their practice of “creating time.” They wish to acknowledge the work of other people who stutter and organizations that have greatly inspired their collective. At the Solstice, PWSC share a postcard takeaway born of this fellowship of creativity and stuttering. Across town, PWSC’s billboard is up at the corner of Gansevoort and Washington Streets through August 11 as part of the 2024 Whitney Biennial. 

Access: Audio description (AD), ASL, CART
For hanging out with old and new friends while crossing the digital, access, and geographic divides that often separate us.

Access: Audio description (AD), ASL, CART
Hamilton and Motley bring us to the studio, guiding us through their methodologies and desires for dance education to center disability as a framework for creativity. Crip Movement Lab is an accessible movement practice co-created by Kayla Hamilton and Elisabeth Motley (2021) for all disabled people and their non-disabled accomplices. If you’re feeling it (and we hope you will), join us!


Access: Audio description (AD), ASL, CART

For hanging out with old and new friends while crossing the digital, access, and geographic divides that often separate us.

Access teams end both IRL and URL.

Thank you
This occasion is first and foremost a space for gathering across multiple realms–virtual and in person. None of it is possible without IWBWYE’s amazing Access Coordinator Madison Zalopany and the care, commitment, and imagination of all of the access workers, doulas/ushers, consultants, and friends in bringing this occasion into being. Thank you. We’d like to deeply thank and introduce IWBWYE’s co-conspirator and Arts Administrator, artist Michelle Lisa Polissaint. We’d also like to thank Alexandria Wailes, our Deaf Consultant and Director of Artistic Sign Language. Special shout out to our amazing emcee Dickie Hearts for the vibes. Speaking of vibes, thank you Constantine for the haptic seating too. And an extra special thank you to Alex Dolores Salerno for this year’s Low Stim Space/Quiet Lounge.
We’d like to thank our collaborators, Arika UK, for openly sharing both their co-dreaming visions and their earthly practical guidance in this process—from its earliest conceptions in 2015, to its first iteration in 2019, and beyond!. We’d like to thank everyone everywhere who has joined us in making new, and nurturing extant, Cross-Disability communities. And finally: extra special shout out to anyone anywhere whose absence is or has been their presence too; we feel you and we are with you—everywhere.

Abrazos de Luz

Access Provisions: ASL Interpretation, CART, and Audio Description
Abrazos de Luz is a performance evening showcasing four artists: Koyoltzintli, Alx Velozo, Mónica Palma, and Nima Jeizan, curated by Guadalupe Maravilla. Abrazos de Luz is rooted in the belief that all entities—whether birds, plants, rocks, the ocean, food, animals, buildings, cars, or even a hospital chair—possess intrinsic energy. Guadalupe chose these four artists because of their roles in their communities and who they represent in our society. Animism has been central to many ancient cultures’ spiritual perspectives, and it also plays a pivotal role in this performance event and the artists performing. Maravilla highlights the four artists’ individual artistic practices and their existence as individuals who channel love and empathy into everyone around them. Their energy, and energy like theirs, is especially important right now considering how our world constantly challenges us with unwanted wars, political turmoil, forced migrations, overall mental health issues, and the influx of news and information.
As part of the evening’s rituals, Guadalupe has invited these four artists to perform and bring an offering—a home recipe of a beverage to share with the audience during intermission—to welcome everyone into our space.

Alx Velozo’s Take it explores using their medical records as a performance score, drawing parallels between contemporary medical industrial spaces, peep shows, freak shows, and medical theater.

For this participatory performance, Koyoltzintli will enact an invocation to the four terrestrial energies—fire, earth, water, and air—and the cosmic energy that activates them, known as undifferentiated form, chaos, path, the weaver, and/or love. Four participants will be invited to take part in this invocation by coming to the stage and playing along with her.

Cae mi voz is an active drawing involving ropes and levers that constrain and outline the artist’s movement around an area. Cae mi voz can also be seen as a Rube Goldberg machine, a process that accomplishes by complex means what could otherwise be done simply. The artist uses a pulley system of hand-dyed and braided cochineal rope to move around the room, making clear stops to collect or complete an action. As the performance evolves, a clear unifying thread or braid reminds the viewer that all actions and forces in life are connected.

“Caught between an object and a being (subject), I will become the pomegranate. A chainmail of fruit husks oozes with tie-dyed horse hair filaments. A vacant body, the husk becomes a fruitless vessel, bearing dried seeds that rattle like bones. The rattling echoes a world that is not yet here. The rattling of a glass instrument. I live in the future with the innate knowledge of my past, masquerading as a body in the presence of turbulent times; masquerading as in masking—to shelter, a shell, a husk, a cocoon built for ceremonies; a ball. I wish to transcend the present time, moving into a simultaneously prehistoric and future form. I will become the pomegranate.”

*Please note masks are required for this event.

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