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Featuring: Lexii FoxxAmeirah NealAlethia Rael, Chella Man, and a film produced by Pilar Adara.

The artist, Puppies Puppies, has throughout her career declared unexpected objects, places, and actions as art. Though she used to obscure her identity by famously sleeping through studio visits and showing up in costumes to her own exhibition openings, she recently revealed her identity as an Indigenous/Japanese/2S+ trans woman. No longer willing to hide, she now uses her name, Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo, and asserts art in the everyday of her own life which is centered around the trans community that emerged from a protest group that gathered every week for over a year at Stonewall.
When Performance Space New York asked Kuriki-Olivo to do a commission she extended the invitation to her community of collaborators and trans sisters. Together they proposed to launch the TGNC Resilience Gala and Awards honoring leaders in the trans/GNC/2S+ community. Manifesting the saying, “Give Black trans women their roses while they’re still alive,” the performance-filled award show is set along a glamorous runway beneath cascading roses and extends into this group exhibition that features a film about the group and serves as a platform for lectures, performances, concerts, open mics, and an Octopus event on March 15.

An evening of performances by artists Beaujangless and Chella Man.

A collective conversation and action around health and healing.

Alethia and her worker-owned cooperative will share a series of short films that they’ve written, produced, edited, and directed. Upon completion the actors and audience members will have the opportunity to have an open discussion where they are encouraged to ask and answer each other’s questions. This will lead us into our final act – Musical Therapy! The instruments utilized to initiate sound healing will be played using an Ameri-Indigenous tradition of PanFlute along with the Tibetan tradition of using singing sound bowls which will produce vibrations that one can feel as another creates the sound. Alethia’s intention is to have audience members leave Performance Space with less anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, feelings of being over-worked, and instead, filled with intention and being well rested once they arrive home.

A night of celebration and fellowship! This will be a special evening to bring together the community to reflect on their chosen family—their sisters, brothers, and gender non-conforming siblings.

Empowerment Runway will feature an empowerment photoshoot; raffle; clothing giveaway; free gender-affirming cosmetics; and HIV, STI, and Hep C testing.

Who Wants to Be Human All the Time

Work by Kathy Acker, Ser Brandon-Castro Serpas, Celia Hempton, I.U.D., Beatrice Marchi, Bjarne Melgaard, Alan Sondheim, Diamond Stingily, Women’s History Museum.
In 1974, 26-year-old Kathy Acker met the conceptual artist Alan Sondheim, and suggested a collaboration that would allow them to get to the bottom of their sexual attraction by exchanging “as much information about ourselves as possible.” The result is Blue Tape, an hour-long, highly charged and confrontational truth-and-sex tape. It is remarkable for its braveness, as well as the insight it gives into a young Acker, about to find her voice on sexuality, intimacy, family, and power relations–all themes that consistently recur throughout her oeuvre. For this group exhibition, Blue Tape will be shown next to works by contemporary artists in dialog with Acker.
Exhibition Program

Who Wants to Be Human All the Time was made possible with support from the Royal Norwegian Consulate-General in New York, Howard Gilman Foundation, Lambent Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; and in part by public funds from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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