Visions of Beauty

Visions of Beauty

Heather Kravas (USA)
visions of beauty

Punk in attitude, feminist in spirit and deliberately anti-spectacle, visions of beauty is a dance about itself and the compulsive, lopsided, angry, funny, frustrating and redemptive messiness of everything. Nine virtuosic performers demonstrate how bodies both trap and free us. The work examines relationships between art, power, agency and desire; language is distilled, stuttered, repeated, held and abandoned, leaving space for the audience to experience something beyond amusement. Precise choreography gives way to visceral improvisation in a conversation between the emotional and the abstract. visions of beauty undermines theatrical conventions, calling to question the object of the dance, the labor of the performers and the judgement of its audience.

Directed by Heather Kravas, visions of beauty is created in partnership with performers Andrew Champlin, Tarek Halaby, Michael Helland, John Hoobyar, Michael Ingle, Joey Kipp, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Kayvon Pourazar and Saúl Ulerio. Original sound for the work is by Dana Wachs aka Vorhees,with additional music by Peter Schilling and lighting design by Madeline Best.

Part of the Coil Festival 2018

$20 (until Dec. 15) / $25 (after Dec. 15)
$15 Student / Senior

60 Minutes
Jan 10 6:30pm
Jan 11 8:30pm
Jan 12 9:30pm
Jan 13 6:30pm