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This Week’s Maxamoo Podcast featuring COIL

Maxamoo, NYC’s theater podcast, focused their first podcast of 2016 on the January Festivals. After a quick little intro, the three hosts, Lindsay, Jack and Liz, go into some specific shows that they are particularly looking forward to seeing this season. Among the featured shows are four of our very own: The Holler Sessions by Frank Boyd, Morphia Sessions by Helen Herbertson & Ben Cobham, DISCOTROPIC by niv Acosta and Intimacy by Ranters Theatre. We could not agree more that these shows are going to be fantastic!

Here are some great quotes about the shows from the Maxamoo podcast:

“It’s just going to be this crazy brilliant guy screaming about jazz and playing some tunes.” — Jack, in reference to The Holler Sessions.

“It is a combination of dance, text, sound, image, you know, they call them visual haikus.” “Oh, I want it!” — Lindsay, followed by Jack, in reference to Morphia Series.

“This show is addressing the way that the black female body is being consumed as silent, bodacious and marginalized, a holographic fantasy. So, it just sounds incredible and I’m very excited about it.” — Liz, in reference to DISCOTROPIC.

“I can’t really figure it out, but I just have a hunch that it’s going to be weird and I’ll like it.” — Liz, in reference to Intimacy.


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