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Green Eyes

Green Eyes

Travis Chamberlain
Green Eyes

“The play is gorgeous: a short, eloquent evening that feels complete, complex, and entirely satisfying. Williams’s dialogue flows with uncanny surprise, catching in its resonance all the psychosexual tension in the alchemy of desire” – The New Yorker, January 2011

“Green Eyes is a tiny, pitch-perfect triumph” – Erik Haagensen, Backstage

“Packs a wallop” – Elisabeth Vincentelli, NY Post

Travis Chamberlain unleashes the newly discovered Tennessee Williams erotic thriller transforming a honeymoon suite into a psychosexual battleground. Erin Markey stars as a ravenous Southern woman determined to satisfy the darkest recesses of her most deviant desires. Canadian heartthrob Adam Couperthwaite costars. This site-adaptive event delves into the disturbing subjectivities that exist in the grey areas where sadomasochistic desire and domestic violence overlap.

Produced by: Carleigh Welsh, Chris Keegan, and Travis Chamberlain

NYC PREMIERE | THEATRE | OFFSITE at The Hudson Hotel (356 West 58th St.)
January 5-30, 2010
Wed, Jan 5 – Sat, Jan 8 8PM & 9:30PM / Sun, Jan 9 5PM & 7PM / Mon, Jan 10 2PM & 4:30PM / Wed, Jan 12 – Sat, Jan 15 8PM & 9:30PM
Extends beyond COIL through January 30.

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