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Pullman, WA

Young Jean Lee

Young Jean Lee Pullman,WA

Pullman, WA is a play about what to do if you’re unhappy and everyone around you is kind of an asshole, including yourself.

Written and directed by Young Jean Lee, co-created and performed by Tom Bradshaw, Pete Simpson, and Tory Vazquez.

Young Jean Lee has directed her plays at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater (Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals) and Soho Rep (The Appeal). She has performed with the National Theater of the United States of America (What’s That On My Head!?!), studies playwriting with Mac Wellman at Brooklyn College, and is a member of 13P.

March 10 – 27, 2005

Wrestling Ladies

Wrestling Ladies transforms a theatrical venue into a wrestling ring. In a visual style inspired by contemporary underground comics, the work depicts characters as combatants, superheroes, and saints who all struggle to transcend their given and created identities. The audience is witness to both their public battles and private histories. The primary character is an eleven year old girl, Chasity a.k.a Devilish Angel, who is obsessed with wrestling. The other characters include: her mother, Maria Elena Vazquez, a ruthless champion; her soon to be stepfather, Louis, manager/coach of the ring; and her friend Lizard, a wrestler who keeps her company and protects her from evil. The action moves fluidly from fight scenes to surreal dances to moments of unexpected tenderness.

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