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The Passion Project


“One of the most satisfying theatrical experiences I’ve had in ages” writes
Claudia La Rocco after previewing The Passion Project. ” a way of engaging with history and making this historical work contemporary by exploiting the very distance that exists between us and it.”

Using a single live actor, Shelley Kay, and multiple projection surfaces, Reid Farrington explores the intersection of performance and film. He uses Carl Th.Dreyer’s 1928 immortal masterpiece, “The Passion of Joan of Arc” as the main narrative along with the history behind the making of the film, a discussion with a Danish archivist, the story of making this project, and Joan’s story; her trial, torture, and execution.

THE PASSION PROJECT explodes the film into the three dimensions; placing the audience inside the film, sitting next to Joan, subjecting them to the relentless rhythm of 30 mm film projection. This piece vibrates between performance, film and installation.

Developed at and with the support of 3LD Art and Technology Center.
Developed with the assistance of the Digital Performance Institute and Ideal Glass Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Paula Court

Original Run: September 10-20, 2008
Also playing in the COIL 2009 Festival

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