John Del Signore, Gothamist, raves:
‘You’ll go wild for this”
is “dark and steamy”

The globe trotting, discipline-bending, unmistakably downtown WaxFactory presents a stellar female cast on an emotional roller coaster ride across the dark, and ultimately humorous underbelly of love. Part audio-visual installation, part dance-theatre, BLIND.NESS looks at what transpires when love becomes a four-letter word.

Directed by Ivan Talijancic, written by Slovenian playwright Simona Semenic, featuring sublime video by Antonio Giacomin of Italy, architectural design of Minimart, the sounds of electronica duo Random Logic and WaxFactory’s own Erika Latta, this tour-de-force will surely break, mend, and break your heart.

BLIND.NESS is a co-production of Performance Space 122 and Cankarjev Dom (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Past press for WaxFactory includes:
“…She Said’ is a 45 minute visual gem. It was perceptive of Ivan Talijancic to recognize this coldly erotic, deeply ambiguous story as potent foil for their technical wizardry.”
-Jonathan Kalb, The New York Times

Photo courtesy of Tasja Keetman

Presented as part of COIL 2010

Wed, Jan 6 – Tue, Jan 12, 2010
PS122 Premiere Oct 12-Nov 1, 2008

Oedipus Loves You



“This is a sensational new take on an ancient story…featuring a brilliantly poised and witty Irish A-list cast.”
– The Scotsman

“Wickedly funny and wonderfully theatrical.”

– The Irish Times

“This is all both funny and intelligent, acknowledging the Oedipus story as the ur-text of modern Western civilization”

– The Guardian

Pan Pan Theatre’s Oedipus Loves You is a wickedly funny and wonderfully theatrical take on the Oedipus plays of Sophocles and Seneca and their legacy, Freudian psychology. These performances – the New York debut of this Dublin-based company – are part of a highly acclaimed world tour following the premiere in 2006.

Pan Pan’s punk rock sensibility strikes a fierce chord in this savvy update of Sophocles’ classic drama of the ultimate dysfunctional family. They bring decidedly modern twists and ample humour to their explorations yet stay more true to the thrust and themes of the original then you might first think. Oedipus is still counselled by the wise Tiresias, but the sightless sage is now a Freudian analyst and ex-Glam Rocker. Sexual desire runs unchecked and tensions still seethe, but now the backdrop is the barbecue grill of Oedipus’s suburban hideaway. Then the psychodynamics are literally amplified as the characters take up rock instruments to channel their rage in live music sessions that are integral to their group family therapy.

From the breakfast table to the back garden barbecue, the seething dramatic tension is ratcheted up by Gavin Quinn’s remote-control direction and thrash metal performed live by the five actors, Ned Dennehy, Bush Moukarzel, Gina Moxley, Aoife Duffin and Dylan Tighe.

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May 21 – June 1, 2008

Wednesdays – Sundays at 8

Saturdays at 8 and 11

Tickets from $20

$15 (students/seniors)

$10 (PS122 members)

Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea



“Deliciously Nasty”
– Guardian

“Frighteningly gifted new theatre company”
– London Times

“A surreal performance piece that combines acting, animation,

film and live music has won every major award at the 2007

Edinburgh Fringe Festival.”
– The New York Times

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, created by the new British theater company 1927, cleverly combines live music, performance and storytelling with films and animations. Using the aesthetic of silent film, a series of comic vignettes unfold in which the performers interact with the animations.

This show sold out in London at the renowned Battersea Arts Center, takes you to the wild woods and the shipwrecked seas, from the weird underbelly of the suburbs to the tweedy world of the old rich. Hapless cats, marauding gingerbread men and cross dressing devils all make an appearance, not to mention the sinister twins and their misfortunate guests.

The show has been compared to Shockheaded Peter, David Lynch and Edward Gorey with a twist of Weimar cabaret. 1927’s world is, however, unique to their own highly crafted sensibilities. The Guardian called it “a devilishly good piece of work!”, and the Scotsman declared it “A wonderfully surreal step outside everyday life!”

This surreal satire for the discerning viewer had already gained cult status in London, which followed to the Edinburgh Fringe, where they won a Fringe First Award (from the Scotsman), the Herald Angel Award, the Total Theatre Award for Best Emerging Company and the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award. This is a clean sweep of the top awards at the Edinburgh Fringe. An amazing accomplishment!

1927 is a theatre company that specialises in combining performance and live music with animation and film. Storytelling is at the core 1927’s work. Spoken word, film and song are combined within their piece as a means of exploring innovative ways of telling stories. 1927 reinvents old idioms, silent film, music hall song, fairy tales, cabaret, to tell stories that are concerned with contemporary issues for a modern audience. Using up to date technology, 1927 mixes advanced multi-media practice with performance. The performers interact with the films and animations creating magical filmic theater. 1927’s first show has won 5 awards and sold out its Edinburgh and London runs. Reaching cultish cabaret crowds as well as seasoned theatre-goers, their work attracts a notably diverse crowd. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea begins a world tour in 2008, with performances in Australia and Korea, and then back to the US with a May date at the prestigious Spoleto Festival in South Carolina.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea features performances by Suzanne Andrade, Esme Appleton and Lillian Henley. The animation is by Paul Barritt, music by Lillian Henley and costume design by Esme Appleton.


BOE Award Winner

photo by Neil Hanna, Scotsman

January 9-27, 2008

500 Clown Christmas

500 Clown Christmas

500 Clown Christmas

Performance Space 122 presents 500 Clown to infuse the holiday season with jaw-dropping hilarity, off the hook festivity, and twisted tales of horror and delights.

500 Clown is the award-winning company that wields circus arts, improvisation, and action-based performance to produce theatre that catapults the performers into extreme physical and emotional risk. Their work shifts the audience from passive to active observers and creates a super-charged environment that celebrates the unpredictable power of the moment.

Composer/musician John Fournier joins 500 Clown to create a clown-rock-pop-jazz-theatre-concert-party(!) Diving into the dark and light sides of the all consuming consumer-driven yet still surprisingly touching Christmas season, 3 clowns and a 3 piece band throw a celebration to make Fezziwig proud, complete with a holiday toast, gift-giving, and original live music written by the incisive John Fournier.

Photos by Jason Greenberg

read about 500 Clown Frankenstein

N.Y. Premiere
December 21- 30, 2007

What if Saori Had a Party?

What if Saori Had a Party?

What if Saori Had a Party?
(a.k.a. Saori’s Birthday)

Created by John Moran
in collaboration with:
Saori Tsukada, Katherine Brook
and Joseph Keckler

“I am convinced that there is no more important composer working today, than John Moran. His works have been so advanced as to be considered revolutionary.”
-Phillip Glass

Saori portrays a magical, Anime-Children’s Show-Host, sealed forever inside a protective, computerized-bubble. Trouble begins one day as Saori decides to have a birthday party; and ‘Death’ (Joseph Keckler) arrives to deliver the present of ‘Youth’ (Katherine Brook).

This is Moran trademark style of full-length, high precision music-theater; delivered by 3 masters of the craft: Saori Tsukada, Joseph Keckler and Katherine Brook. This commission by Performance Space 122 also marks the 20th anniversary of Moran’s work, which began at P.S.122 with his groundbeaking techno-opera, ‘Jack Benny!’, in 1987-88.

Click for your sound souvenir from ‘What if Saori had a Party?’

John Moran in the press:

“Moran is a modern-day Mozart, on a mission to revolutionize music and theater.” – The Boston Globe

“…stays in the mind as phenomenally imaginative music-theater: dizzying lipsynch’ theatrics, intricate staging and mournful, minimalist patterns combine to create an operatic world unlike any other.” – The New York Times

“One of most important (and underrated) figures in the avant garde scene.” – Timeout
“Moran is a bonafide, American original. He has forged a path as singular (and enduring) as his electronic, god daddy ” – NY Newsday

Music/Soundscape and Direction by John Moran; Choreography by Moran and Saori Tsukada

Photo by Nolan Rosemond


SHOWTIMES: Jan 9th at 9.30pm, Jan 10th at 3:30pm, Jan 11th at 6.30pm, Jan 12th at 9.30 pm and Jan 13th at 6.30pm
Tickets from $20, $15 (students/seniors), $10 (members)

World Premiere
October 21-November 4 2007

All rights reserved by Performance Space New York
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