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Stefan Kaegi on Ant Hampton

Vallejo recently caught up with Stefan Kaegi of Berlin-based Rimini Protokoll and he had this to say about Ant Hampton’s upcoming NY premieres:

Ant Hampton’s pieces are neither installations nor performances, they are experiences in which your environment and the people around you feel so intensely that even the smallest gesture turns into theater. The intimacy of the voices from his headphones are a kind of drug, that make faces and spaces distort to become mirrors of yourself. In The Quiet Volume you merge with an archive of books as if you were in a dream of J. L. Borges. And in Cue China (Elsewhere, Offshore) you travel through a computer-screen to the circumstances of the production of that same screen. Ant Hampton expands your mind to the size of everything you see.

The Quiet Volume was commissioned by Kaegi as part of his project CIUDADES PARALELAS / PARALLEL CITIES, a festival which offers eight perspectives on one city, three times over, and has taken place in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Warsaw and Zurich. Cue China (Elsewhere, Offshore) was also commissioned by Kaegi for the Malta Festival, Poznan – ‘Asian Investments’.

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