Exploring the Earth as Lover: Assuming the Ecosexual Position

Join us for Exploring the Earth as Lover: Assuming the Ecosexual Position, a four-day symposium to forge new relationships with the environment, engage in human/ non-human collaboration, critique calcified ideologies, and engage in new sexualities—all through the lens of environmentalism that is feminist, queer, sensual, sexual, posthuman, exuberant, and steeped in humor and play. Ecosexuality offers the opportunity to reimagine our relationship with a world wounded by anthropocentrism, capitalism, and ecological destruction. It is a way of living propagated by PS122 icon, Annie Sprinkle, and her longtime partner and collaborator, Beth Stephens who “humbly propose ecosex as one of many pathways to healing the pain of both the present moment and the horrific injustices of the past by encouraging people to love the Earth.” Bring your animals, costumes, plants, your microbial/biome cloud and mingle with various communities of artists, scholars, sex workers, queers, fashionistas, animals, spores, water drops, clouds, in a weekend full of rituals, paradigm-shifting panels, performances, poetry, music, environmental activism, food, and a free Sidewalk EcoSex Clinic.

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