Exploring the Earth as Lover: Ecosex and the City

Join us for Exploring the Earth as Lover: Ecosex and the City, a four-day symposium to forge new relationships with the environment, engage in human/ non-human collaboration, critique calcified ideologies, and engage in new sexualities—all through the lens of environmentalism that is feminist, queer, sensual, sexual, posthuman, exuberant, and steeped in humor and play. Ecosexuality offers the opportunity to reimagine our relationship with a world wounded by anthropocentrism, capitalism, and ecological destruction. It is a way of living propagated by PS122 icon, Annie Sprinkle, and her longtime partner and collaborator, Beth Stephens who “humbly propose ecosex as one of many pathways to healing the pain of both the present moment and the horrific injustices of the past by encouraging people to love the Earth.” Bring your animals, costumes, plants, your microbial/biome cloud and mingle with various communities of artists, scholars, sex workers, queers, fashionistas, animals, spores, water drops, clouds, in a weekend full of rituals, paradigm-shifting panels, performances, poetry, music, environmental activism, food, and a free Sidewalk EcoSex Clinic.

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Annie Sprinkle (E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF)
Beth Stephens (E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF)
Dragonfly Diva (Performance Artivist)
Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful (Interior Beauty Salon)
Veronica Vera (Author & Founder of Miss Vera’s TG/CD Academy)

Clinic Team:
Veronica Hart (Actress & Prod. Mgr.) – Clinic Director
Greer Sikes (Artist) – Head Nurse
Stefanie Iris Weiss (Author of Eco-Sex; Go Green Between the Sheets)- Sensate Healing Experiences
Alexandra Neuman (Filmmaker) – Eco Tarot Readings from the ‘radical becoming in the ongoing now’ deck

Opening Remarks & Land Acknowledgement by Jenny Schlenzka, Executive Artistic Director of Performance Space New York

A collection of short videos featuring:

Getting Dirty In the Garden with the Vaginas of Anarchy, Katie Bush, Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle (1:00)
Supernatural: Softer world of Earth, Katie Bush (2:00)
Homage to the Scarlot Harlot, Oana Tenter (1:40)
Dinosauria, Alessia Cecchet  (2:22) 
Tree Love, Kevin O’Connor & Friends (5:00)
The Nudist Lunch, Chaki Weed Slut (4:00 excerpt) 
La Corrida  (2:40) & Turn Around Side Piece, Xandra Ibarra (2:43)
Brine Shrimp Cyber Wedding, Justyna Górowska & Ewelina Jarosz (5:00)
Maria the Korean Bride: Ghost Wedding Trailer, Maria Yoon (2:34)
Pteridophilia 4, Bo Zheng (3:00 excerpt) 

Imagine the Earth as Lover – The One Minutes
, curated by Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle (23:00) produced by Julia van Mourik (23:00)

A collection of one-minute videos from all over the world to mark the international scope of the eco sex movement. Videos by Linda M. Montano, Felix Klee, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Federico Tello Porn Process (Aurore Morillon),  Graham Bell Tornado, Lady Monster, Sam Mountford, Kupalua, Joseph Kramer & Scarlot Harlot, Pony Express, Cyril Sancereau, Maria the Korean Bride, K-Haw and L-Haw (Lydia Peelle,) Rosario Veneno, Sura Hertzberg & Hailey Jelaire, Lina Bravo & Rowena Buur, Vinicius Davi, Muza de la Luz, Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo, Anna Recasens and Laia Solé , Misha de Ridder, moon wink

Video Installations
The Collective Womb: Alexandra Neuman
The Sensuous Abalone:  Elin T. Sørensen

Improvising with Strawberries: Landing in the Heart with Kevin O’Connor, Ruth Douthright, Montana Summers, Marshall Stonefish, Brooke Chrisjohn, Linda Janz, and “Wormwood” (Christina Willatt & Andrew Wenaus).

Ingrid-Andrea “Rea” Gabrielsen, Hui Ying Koh, Samuel Blank and Ashley Mitchell, Sam Plair and Struth Novogratz, Ailin Liu and Hanyu Qi

Maria Yoon (The Korean Bride) – Spirit Marriage
Michael J. Morris (Queer Astrologer) – Celestial Kinship
Camila Marambio (Curator, Artist, & Scholar) – Cosmic Gnosis with an olfactory contribution by agustine zegers
Barbara Carrellas (Sex Educator and Author of Urban Tantra) – Equine Tantra

Ambient Offerings during the breaks:
Stefanie Iris Weiss: Ecosexual Sensate Healing Experiences
Lydia Peelle: Crystal Light as Dom Top
Movies: The opening night videos will be screened continuously in our screening room
Altars by Cassils’ Pratt Sculpture II students
An Ecosexual Manifesto: a poetic declaration from the South by Federico Tello in collaboration with La Pocha Nostra’s Guillermo Gomez-Peńa, Cesar Echeverría, Paloma Medaglia, Mayor Reta, and Balitronica Gómez.

Courtney Desiree Morris (Artist, Filmmaker, Performer & Scholar) – Egun Work
Savitri D. (Artist, Activist and Director of The Church of Stop Shopping) – Start in a Place
Sur Rodney (Sur) (Contemporary Art Archivist) – Archives & Ancestors
Kate Bornstein (Performance Artist and Author of Gender Outlaw) – Exploring Gender in Four Directions
Linda M. Montano (Lifeist) – Silent Participation

Ambient Offering:
Greer Sikes: Orgasm Symphony

We highly encourage the audience to grab dinner off-site. This break is a chance for performers to rehearse.

Emcee & Ecosextravaganza Director: Joy Brooke Fairfield ( Contemporary Performance Director & Community Organizer)
Welcome: Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens
Reading:  Prairie Relations 100s – Kim Tallbear,  The Critical Polyamourist
Music: Balloon Virtuoso – Judy Dunaway 
Performance: A Message From Our Sponsors – L.M. Bogad
Eco-Burlesque: Ignition of the Flame Internal – Lady Monster 
Performance: Peatland Passion Mas-turba  – Camila Marambio with voice accompaniment by Isabel Torres
Performance: Transformation EternalMuza De La Luz 
Ritual: Orisha Wedding III.  Courtney Desiree Morris & Dragonfly Diva
Performance: Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir 

Eileen Myles (Poet, Author) – Compost Sexual
Kevin O’Connor & Brook Chrisjohn (Dancers and Community Makers) – Becoming Walnut Tree: Becoming Forest
Duskin Drum (Artist, Scholar) -A Diagram of Loving Trees
Ewelina Jarosz & Justyna Górowska (Artists and Scholars): Launching the Hydrosexual Movement in Art–An Ecosexual Offspring

Audience members can sign up to present whatever they want for 5 minutes – facilitated by Stefanie Iris Weiss.

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