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December 19 | 9pm – 4am
For BODY WORK Performance Space New York partners with The Spectrum to bring together NYC’s queer nightlife community with iconic DJs and performances. The Spectrum has been creating space for openness, letting go and healing on the dance floor since 2011. BODY WORK will be the most legit full circle of The Spectrum’s mission to support performers through nightlife.
All proceeds go to supporting our artistic programming in 2024!
Live Performances
HYD, Kevin Aviance, Mykki Blanco 
DeSe, Fashion Labeija, Manu Miran, Papi Juice with Ah-Mer-Ah-Su
Angela Dimayuga, Aya Brown, Cecilia Gentili, Ceyenne Doroshow, Ellery Neon, Faris Saad Al-Shathir, Gage Spex, LEAK NYC, Linux, Monica Mirabile, Ruby Zarsky
Maxi Hawkeye Canion &
EXULT: Reed Rushes & Kate Williams
150 First Avenue, 4th Floor

—1 Ticket to BODY WORK

—1 ticket to BODY WORK
—1 drink ticket
—Skip the line

—1 ticket to BODY WORK
—2 drink tickets
—Skip the line

—2 House Bottles and Mixers
—7 Tickets
—Skip the line

—2 Top Shelf Bottles and Mixers
—8 Tickets
—Skip the line

If you have any inquiries or questions, please email

Man Machine

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A special workshop for experienced DJ’s led by John Collins and Mark Flash.

October 20 | 3-5pm


For the last thirty years the Detroit label, Underground Resistance (UR), has been producing techno music aiming at “electrifying the inner city with hi-tech, sci-fi thoughts.” Equipped with radical politics UR’s collective practice aligns itself with the African American working class experience combating the so-called “programming by mediocre mainstream music and public institutions. Simultaneously, a complex mythology invents a sonic future beyond fixed identities which cannot be racialized and stereotyped anymore. The idea of man and technology merging appears all over the UR universemachines are being manipulated and experimented with to create the distinct extraterrestrial UR sound and explore humans’ potential to make and remake themselves.

The program includes conversation and music.

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