We the Youth

We the Youth – Keith Haring Lecture Series invites children and their friends and families to meet luminaries who talk about ideas and social issues that are often left off of school curriculums.
This series is supported by The Keith Haring Foundation in honor of Keith Haring who collaborated with children throughout his life and believed in art’s ability to create a more accepting society.

ALOK on Gender invited by Puppies Puppies (Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo).

Dr. Cornel West on Justice invited by Ariana Reines.

Hortense Spillers on Race invited by Kandis Williams

Keith Haring and kids on Avenue D, East Village, NYC, 1983
Photo: Tseng Kwong Chi © Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc.
Art: © Keith Haring Foundation

All rights reserved by Performance Space New York
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