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Living Room Concept

Angel Dimayuga (they/she) invites you to Living Room Concept an intimate and immersive dwelling that feels like your friend’s home. Over the course of the evening, guests will share, learn, and be fed (with a restaurant delivery by “Angel’s World.” )
The night will feature a sensory soundscape by Miho Hatori, a reading by Fariha Róisín, some of Dimayuga’s favorite clips as well as film screenings by Stephanie Comilang, Maggie Lee, and Andrew Thomas Huang. The films depict the search for a grounded sense of self and belonging through the disparate nature of the third culture experience in the global Asian diaspora.
Embracing the powers of interconnectedness and cross-pollination, Dimayuga invites their community to witness the potential of a world shaped by ancestral knowledge and queer systems of coexistence.

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