Taíno Needle Science Institute: Electric Works Laboratory

The Taíno Needle Science Institute: Electric Works Laboratory is an acupuncture clinic, doubling as a guerilla academy, inspired by the radical health initiatives of the Young Lords, Black Panthers, and the medical diplomacy of Communist China. Combining experimental auricular needle protocols born in the 1970’s South Bronx with forms of minimalist music, the clinic will regularly provide free drone acupuncture to all who are in need while continuing to search for new healing modalities; methods that are accessible, non-chemical, and committed to upholding the principle that the ability to choose and control one’s healthcare is a basic human right. Additional programming will center around political education, with seminars presented by revolutionary elders, Tai Chi Chuan classes, film screenings, experiments in electro-acupuncture, children and parent acupuncture workshops, live “Drone Acupuncture” performances in assorted variations, and more.
This experiential environment explores what it takes to reimagine new healing modalities, forms of social reproduction, participation, performance, and inclusion of/by marginalized communities within urban and institutional spaces: pointing to self-determination as a kind of curriculum from which we can experience where our culture has been, and where it has the potential to go.

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