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DUETS: Kia LaBeija and Julie Tolentino in Conversation


To celebrate the publication DUETS: Kia LaBeija & Julie Tolentino In Conversation, Kia LaBeija and Julie Tolentino will be in dialogue with Vivian Crockett, with readings from the book’s essays authored by Lia Gangitano and David Velasco.


For the DUETS publication, Kia LaBeija and Julie Tolentino come together for an intergenerational dialogue that illuminates their histories as artists and their relationships to HIV/AIDS spanning more than twenty years. From different perspectives, they discuss their shared practices as artists, performance makers, dancers, poets, and activists. With additional contributions by Lia Gangitano and David Velasco.


DUETS is a series of publications that pairs artists, activists, writers, and thinkers in dialogues about their creative practices and current social issues around HIV/AIDS.

DUETS: Kia LaBeija & Julie Tolentino In Conversation is available for purchase online at the Visual AIDS store, and will also be available at the event.


Photo: Eleven, from the second installment of the ongoing series 24. Image courtesy of Kia LaBeija (cropped into heart).

Story Telling for Earthly Survival

Organized by Fabrizio Terranova, featuring Kim TallBear and a special live stream appearance by Donna Haraway.


Since her groundbreaking A Cyborg Manifesto (1984) Donna Haraway has been the preeminent scholar on rethinking relations between humans and technology as well as humans and animals. Her joyful and life-affirming multispecies feminism rejects any form of human exceptionalism and instead recognizes the entanglement and interrelatedness of all life forms. Neither giving in to apocalyptic end of the world scenarios nor the temptation of a magical technology fix, Haraway addresses the big ecological challenges of our time by mobilizing new practices of making kin across species and inventing new stories that allow us to imagine a more livable future.

The afternoon commences with a screening of Fabrizio Terranova’s feature-length film, Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival (2016), an intimate portrait of Haraway as a captivating thinker and enthusiastic storyteller. It is followed by a book launch of her latest publication, Making Kin Not Population (2018), an anthology of essays calling for new practices of making kin beyond biological family structures in the face of unsustainable overpopulation.


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