Award Show | Performance Space New York

TGNC Resilience Gala and Awards

Host: Dani Davis
Featuring: Lexii Foxx , Kaiya, Kammy-Rae, Puppies Puppies (Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo), and Alethia Rael.

Manifesting the saying, “Give Black trans women their roses while they’re still alive,” the TGNC Resilience Gala and Awards acknowledges the fragility of the lives of our trans/GNC/2S+ people, the life expectancy disparities they suffer, and the accolades they deserve for existing in their truths despite society’s many attempts to hide and harm them. 

Set along a glamorous runway beneath cascading roses, the performance-filled award show is hosted by a community of collaborators and sisters that emerged from a protest group that gathered every week in 2020 and honors three of their leaders, Tahtianna Candy Fermin (CEO/ Founder of Bridges4Life), Lexii Foxx (Founder of Stop Killing Us), Qween Jean (CEO/Founder of Black Trans Liberation). The event brings elements of protest, ballroom dance, and partying into a bedazzled red carpet award ceremony format—and reframes them all as art in a subsequent group exhibition titled Transcendence.

The evening’s proceeds go to Bridges4Life, Black Trans Liberation, and Stop Killing Us.

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