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RAMP Curated Post: Molly and Eleanor

Editor’s Note: This past weekend, Molly and Eleanor performed a work-in-progress showing of material and ideas generated over the two weeks of their RAMP residency. If you were in attendance and would like to share your thoughts, observations, feedback, reflections and the like, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.

Each piece that we make is a choreographic collaboration between the two of us and we are always the only performers. The texture of the work comes from making decisions together; it emits a tension and pliability that results from being extracted and configured between two different minds. Expressing the imaginative realm through movement is our performative challenge, and is supported by the camaraderie and charge of the duet practice we have established.

Meanwhile, a tone of loneliness pervades our work. We perform in a sparse, intimate, and feminine environment of just our two bodies. Our process of making dances begins with, and is sustained by, improvisation. We have been improvising together for the last six years. We find moments we value when improvising, cultivate these moments into performative expressions, and then (try to) perform them. Our performances therefore express ideas that were originally understood through movement. They are at once highly imaginative, and simply about being with one another while considering an audience.

Thank you for joining us this past Saturday.

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