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Press Highlights on Richard Maxwell’s ‘The Evening’

Photo by Paula Court

“They drink, dance, and fight. Blood is spilled. A band plays. A fog rolls in.” Jennifer Krasinski, Art Forum

This March saw the premiere of The Evening by the renowned playwright-director Richard Maxwell, presented by The Kitchen and PS122. Here are just a few of the press highlights the show received:

“In Maxwell’s work, character is always a complex concoction. In both the writing and the direction, he allows the seams to peek out between the performers and the fictions moving through them. His actors deliver their lines from point-blank range; they’re straight shooters, with little-to-no theatrical flourish. Maxwell has long been a master of halting speech, marking the spaces between thought and word, and around the entwined conditions of love and grief, he has written dialogue that is by turns declarative and faltering.” – Jennifer Krasinski, Art Forum

“Mr. Maxwell, who in his late 40s, is perhaps the greatest American experimental theater auteur of his generation” – New York Times, Ben Brantley

Again, Maxwell guides us beyond reality to a remote and elusive place, and as always, we lean forward” – Tom Sellar, Village Voice 

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