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Phone Extensions

Want to reach a Performance Space Staff Member on the phone? Please call 212-477-5829, then dial one of the following extensions. For general questions please use ext. 301, our office hours are Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 5pm.

Constanza Armes-Cruz, Head Producer, 305
Paula Bennett, Senior Manager Institutional Partnerships, 307
Yolene Grant, Communications and Marketing Manager, 306
Sarai Frazier, Associate Production Manager, 302
Pati Hertling, Director, 316
Alex Reeves, Creative Technologist, 304
Ana Beatriz SepĂșlveda, Associate Director, 315
Andy Sowers, Production Manager, 311
Kirsten Sunderland, Manager of Individual Giving, 300
Kimiko Tanabe, Box Office, 313

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