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People are Talking COIL#13 

ArtInfo on COIL13: 
“Lower East Side’s bastion of contemporary performance, PS 122, will kick off its eighth annual COIL Festival this evening…a perfect antidote for the doldrums of early January”

excerpt from Backstage review of Peggy Shaw’s Ruff:
“The kinetic vibrancy of Shaw’s performance is the sign of an artist who finds, when she needs a few outstretched hands, that they’ve been there, holding her for decades.” – Jason Fitzgerald

The New York Times on Radiohole:
“Yuck, what a mess. What a sticky, goopy, embarrassing, all-over-the-place and absolutely necessary mess.” – Ben Brantley (Critic’s Pick)

The New York Times (Critic’s Pick) on There There by Kristen Kosmas

Wall Street Journal Curtain Raiser on There There by Kristen Kosmas

New York Theatre Review on Half Straddle’s Seagull (Thinking of you)

Backstage on Half Straddle’s Seagull (Thinking of you)

The New York Times (Critic’s Pick) on Peggy Shaw’s Ruff

Culturebot on Emily Johnson’s Niicugni

BOMB Interview with Brian Rogers

Hyperallergic: The Art Fair for Contemporary Performance

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