Interviewing Bobby Stella | Performance Space New York

Interviewing Bobby Stella

A few weeks ago we sat down for a video interview with long time Superintendent of PS122’s building, Bobby Stella. Bobby has a lot of stories about PS122’s history – he was the first person to enter the space in the 1970’s when the city had condemned the building and he’s instrumental in the legacy of Performance Space 122 and all of the tenants at 150 First Avenue. After decades of servicing PS122’s boilers 7 days a week Bobby has decided to retire and enjoy some well earned time with his family. Here are some photos from our interview session (video coming soon) and an Avant Garde Arama flier which features a photo of Bobby loading the boiler with coal in the 1980’s. Thanks again to Bobby for taking the time to share his stories and for his unbelievable dedication to our home at 150 First Ave.


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