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A Visit to Habit in Rehearsal

On Wednesday, our intern from Copenhagen, Mette, dropped by Habit in rehearsal. Here are some of her impressions:

Today I had the fortunate opportunity to able to watch some of the rehearsals for David Levine’s installation/performance/play Habit, which makes its New York premiere on Friday.

Three actors, a woman and two men are playing a text by Jason Grote in a continuous loop in a new set design. It’s a full functioning house with a toilet, TV and kitchen made by Marsha Ginsberg. The set is built inside a raw and empty space in the Essex Street Market, Lower East Side – close to where I live, at the moment.

I literally felt like a voyeur peeping through the windows curtains, as I was witnessing and listening to a private conversation between two male friends about the woman, who was changing clothes in the other room right next door. A classic bittersweet love triangle situation might be part of the drama tomorrow…

So the audience at Habit will not be seated in front of the stage facing the actors, but rather as in an art installation, or watching a reality TV show, they can come and go as they please. In this way the story is made up of particular angles and the bits and pieces they choose to experience.

I’m surely looking forward to returning to find out more about these two men and this woman…

-Mette Garfield

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