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Donor Advised Funds

We at Performance Space New York engage with work that transgresses disciplines and is radical in subject matter and form. OUR CONTENT IS NOT FOR SALE. In order to be a truly inclusive institution that provides access to individuals of all classes, genders, and origins, we also strive to make ticket prices affordable. We present public programs that engage our audience in important political and social discourse. Hence we rely on individuals like YOU to support us, who share our core values and want to join us as we carve out space that is open, accessible, non-conformist and a hotbed for radical self-expression.

If you have DONOR ADVISED FUNDS, consider naming Performance Space as a beneficiary.

Or if you are a professional, as your clients seek advice and counsel, please consider recommending Performance Space New York as a beneficiary to them.


For more information, please call our Deputy Director Pati Hertling
at (212) 477-5829 Ext. 316


Restrictions – There are certain restrictions that apply to donor advised funds according the the U.S. Pension Protection Act of 2006. It’s important to be aware of these to make sure that a donation through a DAF meets your needs and charitable intent.

Most important restrictions to be aware of:

• A donor advised fund cannot be used to fulfill a donor’s pledge
• A distribution from a DAF may never provide more than just incidental benefits to the donor, advisor, or related person (i.e. a DAF cannot be used to pay for gala tickets or similar items)


Please note that this information is intended as a summary of Performance Space New York’s current guidelines for accepting gifts from donor advised funds. This document is not intended as legal advice. Donors should consult their DAF manager, tax advisors, and/ or legal counsel to determine the tax treatment of their proposed contributions and any other restrictions that apply to DAF grants.

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