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Champagne Jerry Starts Album Rollout

PS122 favorite Neal Medlyn aka Champagne Jerry, who co-hosted last year’s Season Launch Party has at last started rolling out his first rap album, For Real, You Guys. The album will drop on over the course of the next year and features beats by Max Tannone, Adam Ad Rock Horovitz and Carmine Covelli. The first track to drop, Tampa Realness, hits hard and finishes with a mature bouquet that may be perceived as a threat to Rick Ross and other Florida rappers.

Champagne Jerry on For Real, You Guys:
“The album is about having sex with people in your office
It is about driving a Chevette.
It is about the states of Texas AND Florida.
It is about realness, hip hop, and champagne.”

(photo of Neal Medlyn and Kanye West from his show, Why Won’t You Let Me Be Great at PS122 in 2009).

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