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Balinese? Yes Please!

We took two of our favorite interns to see one of our favorite summer festivals (River to River). Here’s a quick thought on one of the pieces from London-based intern Nicole…(read it with an accent)

Last Thursday a few of us at PS took a trip down to Wall Street to see The Set Up: I Nyoman Catrra, the 5th part in a series created by Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey who bring in international artists (that are said to be masters in their discipline) to teach what they believe to be the most important about the art form.

The dance itself was truly interesting, something that had a variety in pace and used the whole of the space. It was something that didn’t follow a common meter- something that is almost expected in Western dance- but it didn’t matter because it still complimented the rather spacious music that it was performed to.

In regards to the performance space, it was bright and airy which, I believe, worked well with the whole performance because it gave the music the opportunity to disappear into the void that the space created. It was particularly great to see how the whole space was used inside and outside the building; it added an additional dimension to the piece, whilst allowing the audience members that stood outside the opportunity to feel as if they were also included in the the viewing experience instead of being on the outside looking in.

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