Gala 2015 Auction Open Online | Performance Space New York

Gala 2015 Auction Open Online

‘He who dares, wins…’

Our Gala Auction is now open online so get bidding! The live auction has a glorious collection of items ranging from beautiful artwork, VIP memberships and extravagant getaways. Better be speedy as Vallejo already has his eyes on certain items (a healthy dose of competition)…

Although spring is supposedly on its way, the weather is persistently chilly and our winter coats are still on. Nothing like a hot vacation to sunny Italy to start the bidding with 2 luxury tours and an apartment included!If that doesn’t bust out your biddings why not check out the artwork collection, with a stunning variety of work from local and international artists. We also have a range of merchandise items  and exclusive 1-2-1 or group experiences, so there really is something for everyone! Now’s your chance and seize that opportunity to become the culinary master of vegan cuisine, to have ownership of a glass whoopie cushion or to relax into a holistic healing acupuncture session.

If our marketing skills haven’t enticed you already, every item in the auction collection is tax deductible. The auction is in aid to help fund PS122’s mission in providing a sustainable platform for innovative performance artists and their work. This year the Gala is specifically celebrating the huge undergoing of our return to the East Village with our new space.

Below are just a few pics of some of the items our auction has to offer.

Happy bidding and as they say, you gotta be in it to win it…

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