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The New, New Stuff

The New, New Stuff

The New, New Stuff

The New, New Stuff
Curated by Natalie Johnsonius

Performance Space 122’s longstanding dance program New Stuff is back and better than ever! We’ve revamped New Stuff and created a brand new multidisciplinary residency program for emerging dance, theater and performance artists.

WEEK ONE: April 28 – May 1

Drama of Works in: WARHOLTM
Directed by Gretchen Van Lente
Warhol puppet designed and built by David Michael Friend
Sound Design by Jill DuBoff
Costumes by Mary Trumbour

Before the nose job and legal name change, Andrew Warhola was a sweet gifted boy who loved his mother. Society would love to believe he was a sex-obsessed, druggie, party-hopper. But with pop icons, the truth doesn’t really matter, does it? In their latest puppet-theatre piece, Drama of Works probes into the double life of this consumerist icon, where a soup can plays his mother and his life is literally boxed up into his signature Brillo Pad creations.

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The Pumpkin Pie Show in: the cardiac shadow
Written by Clay McLeod Chapman
Music by Joshua Camp and Michael Hearst (of One Ring Zero)
Choreography by Blair Bodie
Lighting design by: Sabrina Braswell
Performed by: Hannah Bos, Hanna Cheek, Alexa Scott-Flaherty, Jordan Simmons, and Paul Thureen

Four women were procured from the Ravensbruck concentration camp, hand-selected by SS Second Lieutenant Dr. Sigmund Rascher, Air Force physician. These four women were “volunteered” for a series of experiments that would eventually come to be known as the cold conference — tests specifically designed to determine the endurance of the human body to extreme temperatures. The voices of these four women have since disappeared. Where does the human spirit go when the body must remain behind, frozen inside an atrocity?

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the cardiac shadow

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WEEK TWO: May 5-8


Choreographed by Ryuji Yamaguchi
Lighting by Dan Scully
Sound by Pyton Sherwood
Costumes by Sarah Cubbage
Performers: Cynthia Koppe, Christina Shelby, Kathryn Sydell, and Ryuji Yamaguchi

Choreographed by Ryuji Yamaguchi, mundane is a navigational journey through space, time, and memory. Through linear tracings of points and nodes, mundane surrounds itself with an eerie stillness and a vague clouded atmosphere.

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The Vangeline Theater in: C.A.R.O.U.S.E / L.
Choreographed by Vangeline
Lighting by Pierre Mansire
Video projection by Laurent Briet
Music by The Mitgang Audio aka Ray Sweeten
Dancers: Nicole Baxley, Ayako Sana, Mandy Caughey, Sarah McCollum, kat Mac Millan, Yukiko Yumiwaki, Jessi Peterso, Michele Moritz, Vangeline, Coco, Hadley Nunes, Jeremy Scott, Seth Abramson, Peyton Biederman, Katherine Adamenko, Leslie Katonis, Andrea Keung, Banaue Miclat and Scott P.

Loosely inspired by the cult movie Blade Runner and the French sci-fi thriller La Nuit des Temps, Vangeline’s electronic butoh ballet C.A.R.O.U.S.E./L is a sensual re-telling of the apocalyptic story of a golden sphere buried deep in the Antacrtic ice. Encapsulated in the sphere are the bodies of a man and a woman, survivors of a civilization that perished 900,000 year ago.

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C.A.R.O.U.S.E / L.

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WEEK THREE: May 12-15

Fusion FEED
Choreographed and directed by Sarah Vasilas and Leonardo Smith
Video and sound design by Chelsea Snider

Choreographers Sarah Vasilas and Leonardo Smith’s new multi-media dance piece is a fusion of sculpture, video, original music and dance, delving into the question “What feeds us?”. Through the use of live, improvisational, and set media, Fusion FEED explores the visceral responses people have to their environment, society, relationships and imagination.

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Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins
Choreography by Christopher Williams
Original Music by Peter Kirn
Dancers: Kindra Windish, Vicky Shick, Nami Yamamoto, Deana Acheson, Beth Simons, Wendy Perron, Hallie Glickman-Hoch, Janet Charleston, Jennifer Lafferty, Elizabeth Zimmer, and Derry Swan

Singers: Jacqueline Horner and Susan Hellauer (of The Anonymous 4)
Costumes by Michael Oberle and Christopher Williams

Inspired by the bizarre and gory legends of early virgin martyr saints, Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins combines eleven short solos for women ranging from a young girl to older women in the NYC dance scene. Existent medieval hymns and songs with new original music set the tone for this playfully macabre look at the lives of these mysterious women.

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April 28 – May 15, 2005
Post-performance party: April 28
Thursday – Saturday, 8pm
Sundays at 5pm

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