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The Money Conversation

The Money Conversation

The Money Conversation

Sara Juli is determined to let go of her “money issues” by literally letting go of her life savings and putting $5000 into the hands of audience members every night. While some question her sanity and others her ability to go through with it, all that she has will be up for grabs.

In this high-stakes dance and live art experiment directed by Chris Ajemian, Juli fuses text, movement and cold hard cash to send up and surmount problems of net-worth and self-worth in an unexpectedly rewarding way.

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As seen in The New Yorker:
“…a provocative stunt: over the course of six performances, she is giving away her entire savings (five thousand dollars) to members of the audience. Since Juli also provides a way for people to give the money back, if they wish, or to donate more, each show becomes a moral experiment. There’s some movement, some humor, and a lot of audience participation, but a basic idea predominates: a compression of the everyday economic gamble made by all aspiring artists in the big, cruel city.”

February 15 – 19, 2006
Wednesday – Saturday at 8:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday at 4:30 p.m.
Also Performed During the
Coil Festival 2007

Also see: Sara Juli’s show Death.

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