The Life and Times of Barry Goldhubris

Larry Goldhuber made his name dancing with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Co. and subsequently went on to create a wonderful body of work with a collaborator Heidi Latsky. This season, he presents his newest work, a collaboration with filmmaker David Brooks entitled The Life and Times of Barry Goldhubris or How BIG can you get? The story of a man whose ego gets so big he explodes, Goldhubris is surround by film on all sides of the playing area. The environment shifts from the creation of the universe to inside the mind of Goldhubris as we follow this character through the highs and lows of his extraordinary life.

Dates: Feb 5 - 22, 2004

Type: Dance/Film/Theater

Premiere Status: New York Premier

All rights reserved by Performance Space New York
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