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Suicide, The Musical

Schoolhouse RoxxSchoolhouse Roxx

Schoolhouse Roxx
Helen Stratford’s
Suicide, The Musical

“Suicide, The Musical” is a punk rock opera recounting the story of a woman’s decisions to leave the comfort and security of a conventional but self-destructive relationship and her subsequent struggle to survive the challenges of a depraved and nocturnal New York City landscape, relying only on gifts of poetry and music and art. It is the story of the spiritual and artistic odyssey of a female Daedalus, a story of redemption found somewhere between the sacred and the profane, the creative and the degenerative.

Parts of “Suicide, The Musical” have been received with enthusiasm and standing ovations at Cami Hall, Galapagos, Mo Pitkin’s, and Bowery Poetry Club. The PS122 presentation marks the world premiere of the work in its entirety with Choreography and Additional Direction by Julie Atlas Muz and Musical Direction by Joe McCanta. The supporting cast of downtown all-stars includes Taylor Mac, Machine Dazzle, Hattie Hathaway, James “Tigger” Ferguson, and a special appearance by New York’s foremost gender-bending maestro of the theremin, Armen Ra.

Plus two free late night underground concerts after the show.

Direct from France – you won’t believe your eyes – or ears!

Ideal Daim / Thomas Rannou +audio
Assume the attitude of a perfect stag. Ideal Daim, chanson pure, is a program of songs written, composed and performed by Thomas Rannou. The sound process is specific to this program – a dozen small speakers are deployed for the broadcast of the song, affording the listener intimacy and proximity to the words and the voice itself. The style is sober and conspiratorial, the tone off-handed and sincere.

Definitively Frenchy.
45 minutes – in French

Fuckin’ Dirty Birds / Alexia Monduit + Thomas Rannou

The song of Alexia Monduit is a battle of words. Her first English text is a poetic sound journey between a body, a speech, a breath, and image – that of Antigone. A lonely mythical recreation on a musical floor.

25-30 minutes – in English

Free for P.S. 122 members, ticket holders to any performance dates of Push, Itching of the Wings, and Schoolhouse Roxx’s Suicide, The Musical – hold onto your stubs and fasten your seatbelts.

November 3-5, 2005
9 p.m.

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