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Single Wet Female

written by Carmelita Tropicana & Marga Gomez
Directed by David Schweizer

Starring:  Marga Gomez, Carmelita Tropicana, Murray Hill (on video)

Single Wet Female combines film-noir satire with goofball socio-sexual
performance. It is a spoof of the film cult classic Single White Female.
Marga Gomez plays Margaret, a high femme Caucasian in a blonde wig,
and Carmelita is Cammy, the uber butch who awakens her desire for
plantains and merengue. The play includes video with drag king Murray Hill
in the role of the boyfriend.

Presented at Performance Space 122,  Throws Like a Girl Festival, Austin (2005) National Queer Arts Festival, S.F. (2002)
Nominated for GLAAD Award

Marga Gomez and Carmelita Tropicana are formidable
talents…they have goofy rapport…the show grapples with broad
a sly self confident way.” Time Out NY
Read Village Voice article here
Photo: Murray Hill

Dates: Oct 3-6,10-13,16-20, 2002

Type: Theater

Premiere Status: World Premier

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