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Raunchy performance artist, sensitive singer-songwriter, rock-n-roll nincompoop: Dan Fishback is the quintessential Renaissance Queer, with more disguises than Madonna and more projects than Harlem. NO DIRECTION HOMO celebrates the chaotic life of this up-and-coming anti-diva, in all his exhausted, over-extended glory. Join PS122 for this three-night long extravanganza of downtown performance!

Night One, JAMZ FROM THE JESTER’S KITCHEN, showcases Fishback’s childlike, anti-folk power-pop band, Cheese On Bread, along with dance-rock BFFs The Bloodsugars , and downtown puberty-freaks The O’Debra Twins.

Night Two, STORIES FROM THE PRINCE’S TOILET, presents a performance art mix-tape, with highlights from Fishback’s brief but prolific career as a playwright and monologist. Underscored by the music of Dibson Hoffweiler and Preston Spurlock, Fishback weaves together a dozen stories of desire, distress, and bodily functions to create a portrait of queer confusion at the dawn of the apocalypse.

Night Three, SONGS FROM THE QUEEN’S TERRACE, closes the festival with Fishback at his most intense, as a focused, feisty queer troubadour, armed with an acoustic guitar and a collection of songs from both his debut album, Sweet Chastity, and his upcoming release, Mammal. The evening begins with surrealist balladeers The Tri-Lambs, and a special, miraculous appearance by legendary feminist performance artist and playwright Deb Margolin.

March 9-11, 2006
9 p.m.

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