My Price Point

My Price Point

Mike Albo My Price Point

Monologuist Mike Albo returns with his latest solo show My Price Point. Albo brings his fast-paced mix of dance, monologues, and vignettes back to Performance Space 122 for a full-frontal solo assault on our time of placed products, screeching divas, botoxic beauty, and constant reality show orgasms. With a quick wit and speedy delivery, his frenetic satirical commentary (punctuated, as always, with dance) dissects our insane existence within the Plastic Pig that is America.

Directed by David Schweizer
Co-written with Virginia Heffernan

Chrissa Theodore – producer
AnnaCatherine Rutledge – production manager
Jeremy Chernick – scenic designer
Rie Ono – lighting designer
Luke Simcock – costume designer
Cary Curran – choreographer

Special thanks to adidas

Read a review of the show in:

The New York Sun (subscription needed)
The New York Times
The Village Voice

And read this mini-interview with Mike on

Jan. 28 – Feb. 13, 2005

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