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Jester of Tonga



Joe Silovsky woke up on his birthday in 2001 and read the paper. What he discovered dramatically affected how he would spend the next 7 years. Now the man behind the curtain steps out in his first full-length solo theatrical production. Stories diverge, money is invested, fish are bombed out of the water, and Stanley, Silovsky’s brilliant robotic creation, explains it all to us in his own words. With 20 suitcases we travel to the island nation with Silovsky who masterfully merges his first hand knowledge of Jesse Dean, the Jester of Tonga, with his love of technology.

Joseph Silovsky has been performing and making machines for the theater since 1990. He has performed solo work at St Anne’s Warehouse, PS122, Tonic’s Little Theater and Pete’s Candy Store in New York, as well as various venues in Chicago and at the Kananahk Performance Art Festival in Rakveres, Estonia. Joseph has collaborated with Victor Morales as Tutto and the Ragman as well as the Radiohole, The Builders Association,Lucky Pierre, HMS, and the Cook County Theater Department. Joseph has contributed to other theater companies by constructing robotic and/or mechanical devices for their shows: the mechanical moon for Radiohole’s Fluke; the contest winning robot in NTUSA’s What’s That on my Head?; and the human-sized R/C robot for Richard Maxwell’s Joe.


Photo courtesy of Richard Termine

Wed, Jan 7 – 12, 2009
As Part of the COIL 2009 Festival
Original Premiere Nov 13, 2008

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