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The work of Israeli choreographer Deganit Shemy has been leaving New York audiences awestruck for years. It comes as no surprise considering her impressive resume of achievements. Winner of both the Choreography Award and the Gvanim Behmacho contest back in Israel, she is currently an artist in residence at several important studios around the city including the 92nd Street Y and the Tribecca Performing Arts Center where Iodine was developed.

Her success comes in large part from her inspiring ability to depict the many powerful conflicts that rule our lives. In Iodine five women move between control and abandon, between being victims and victimizers, as well as between vision and blindness, dependency and individuation. They long to be a part of something larger but also fear losing their identity in the throng. As these sad characters desperately try to evaluate themselves through the reflections of others they find themselves constantly on the precipice of becoming lost altogether. Using her talent for small, meticulous, sometimes awkward movements and deeply emotional choreography Shemy erases the line between motion and emotion.

Feb 5- 10, 2008
Tuesday – Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Sunday at 6:00 p.m.
Tickets: $20 each, $15 (students/seniors), $10 (PS122 members)

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