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YOSHIKO CHUMA & THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS (SOHK) returns to Performance Space 122 with a special program for the HOWL! Festival of East Village Arts.

In Inside/Outside Yoshiko Chuma uses her three-dimensional cubes as canvases and compacted and discrete stages. The works unfold inside and outside of these confined spaces.Inside/Outside has a prologue, epilogue and four episodes. Each episode focuses the audience’s attention specifically on one framed 7ft. x 7ft. x 7ft. cube. The cubes are both moving sculptures and “magic boxes”, which can be transparent or opaque. Black and white silent film images are projected onto the cubes and into the space, creating a black and white 1950’s atmosphere. Four trombone players, four dancers and a singer slide and collide, and move through the light and shadow inside and outside the cubes. The stage is flooded with video projections inspired by the abstract expressionist style of Teiji Kinugasa’s 1927 classic silent film, “A Page of Madness”. The performers &projected images inhabit the moving picture frames, living out personal and historical memories. The overall effect is hypnotic, powerful and richly sensual.

Inside/Outside was conceived and Directed by Yoshiko Chuma and choreographed in collaboration with the performers: Donald Fleming, Irving Gregory, Motoko Ikeda, Anthony Phillips and Ksenia Vidyaykina (singer). It is performed to music composed and performed by Christopher McIntyre for the Trombone Band.

In repetory with: 8 BRAND NEW SHORT DANCES

Each evening will feature two short works by emerging choreographers followed by a full performance of Inside/Outside.

8 BRAND NEW SHORT DANCES performs on the following schedule:

  • August 25: Chris Yon, Ursula Eagly
  • August 26: Jonah Bokaer, Rebecca Davis
  • August 27: Malinda Allen, Bethany Wright
  • August 28: Christopher Williams, Yoshiko Chuma

August 25-28, 2005
Thu-Sat 8pm
Sun 5pm

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