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In The Spirit – For Real

In the SpiritIn the Spirit

In the Spirit

In The Spirit – For Real is a powerful and compelling one-woman show by acclaimed solo performer Peggy Pettitt. Due to the AIDS epidemic, a feisty older woman with ferocious stamina is left alone to raise her nephew, an urban youth, gifted but on the edge. Pettitt plays multiple characters in a heart-to-heart conversation between generations. Brilliantly written, infused with hip-hop and jazz selections, In The Spirit – For Real is a powerful coming of age story that bathes the wounds of generational separation with a prescription for hope.

Written &Performed by Peggy Pettitt

Directed by Remy Tissier
Jazz Music Composition &Coordination by Harry Mann
Lighting Design by Aimee Schneider
Costume Design by Pascaline Tissier

Rap Lyrics: Malone Block and I Love My Life by Jarrod Pettitt (Jay Pistols)
Back Drop: ‘The Twins’ by Emmanuel Jegede
Set Design &Props by Remy Tissier
Photo by Aimee Schneider

June 15 – 25, 2006
Opens Thursday, June 15
Wednesday-Saturday 8pm
Saturdays &Sundays at 4pm
$20($10 Members)

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