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Gorilla Man

Kyle Jarrow

Kyle Jarrow Gorilla Man

Directed by Habib Azar
Produced by Chris Kam

Puberty is hard enough without the insatiable thirst for blood.

Obie Award winner Kyle Jarrow brings you this theatrical spectacle about a boy becoming a monster. Filled with bombastic rock songs and peopled with lonely freaks, it’s a pulse-pounding mix of comedy, concert, and carnival.

Waking one morning to find thick fur growing on the backs of his hands, young Billy discovers the awful truth his mother has been hiding from him for 14 years. Cast from his home, he sets out on a journey to find his father, the legendary Gorilla Man. Combining influences as diverse as Tod Browning, Tom Sawyer, and T. Rex, Gorilla Man is a strikingly original new music-theater piece. It’s a darkly comic coming-of-age tale that explores issues of violence, identity, and free will against the backdrop of a warped American landscape.

Check out the Gorilla Man website at Gorilla-Man.com

Kyle Jarrow penned the Off-Broadway hits A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant (OBIE Award), Armless (FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award), and President Harding is a Rock Star. The New York Times described him as “New York’s hipster playwright.” The LA Times called him an “iconoclast.” The Village Voice wrote, “Jarrow is a playwright both droll and humane.” His plays have been performed in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. Kyle is also part of the glam-rock band The Fabulous Entourage (fabulousentourage.com) which The New Yorker described as a “a quintet of youthful punk-popsters hell-bent on bringing theatrics back to rock-and-roll.”

March 10-27, 2005

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