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Coil 2009

Pan Pan – The Crumb Trail
The death of the Fairy Tale. Where did being good ever get anyone?
It’s a sort of detective story, sharp and blunt. Detecting where we are at – but in the dark.
Can we not engage with reality anymore? Ice caps are melting and I’m watching people I don’t know on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’ Run time: 1 hour 20
Wed, Jan 7 6:30p |
Thu, Jan 8 10:30p |
Fri, Jan 9 2:30p |
Sun, Jan 11 7p |
Mon, Jan 12 3:30p |
Extended: Jan 15 – Jan 17

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Joseph Silovsky – Jester of Tonga
“Wonderfully sweet and quirky” – Culturebot
At last, the man known as one of downtown’s technological wizards steps out from behind the curtain. Silovsky and his robot Stanley tell the very true and complex story of Jesse Dean, the sensational modern-day Court Jester to the Tongan Royal Court. Run time: 1 hour
Wed, Jan 7 10p |
Fri, Jan 9 7:30p |
Sat, Jan 10 2:30p |
Mon, Jan 12 9:30p
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Lewis Forever – LEWIS FOREVER: Freak the Room
LEWIS FOREVER is three sisters and a brother, a director, two dancers and a musician. What happens when we freak the fiction of cultural and familial identification? There is play, fantasy, sex and violence. There is an impostor. Words seem to come out almost right. Reactions test their relationships to actions and everything appears as more than it seems. Performance Space 122 is their living room – and they will freak it. Run time: 1 hour
Wed, Jan 7 7p |
Fri, Jan 9 10p |
Sat, Jan 10 6:30p |
Tue, Jan 13 3p
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Okwui Okpokwasili – Pent Up: A Revenge Dance
Bessie Award-winner and beloved downtown actress Okwui Okpokwasili spins a modern multi-character folktale. In it, she portrays a woman in exile who sees and seeks revenge as a way of reconciling her present impoverished condition with the belief that she’s a direct descendant of the sun. Run time: 1 hour
Sun, Jan 11 7:30p |
Mon, Jan 12 2:30p | Extended: Feb 10 – 22

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Ella Hickson/Tantrum Productions – Eight

A collection of extraordinary tales of remarkably self aware young adults: a politically conservative prostitute keeping old values alive; a hugely successful stockbroker walking out of his life; a gallery owner discovering the suicide of his partner hanging by an Hermes scarf. Run time: 2.5 hours
Tue, Jan 6 7:30p |
Thu, Jan 8 7:30p |
Fri, Jan 9 2pm | Sun, Jan 11 2pm | Extended: Jan 14 – 25

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Temporary Distortion – Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road)
“A daring performance about memory and identity.” – Village Voice
Part road movie, part fractured memory, part love story. A hybrid of theater and cinema, staged in Temporary Distortion’s claustrophobic boxlike installation. Run time: 1 hour
Wed, Jan 7 10:30p |
Thu, Jan 8 2:30p |
Sat, Jan 10 7p |
Tue, Jan 13 7:30p
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The Shalimar – Trash Warfare

“The most exciting young American company I have seen up here so far this century.”
– Financial Times
Phaedra. The original MILF. Live music, frenetic dance, fierce boxing, raw meat, and nobody’s telling the truth. 8 wild performers satirize America’s celebrity obsession in the midst of war. Grab a ringside seat and be careful of blood splatter. Flash photography is encouraged. Run time: 75 minutes
Thu, Jan 8 3p |
Sat, Jan 10 10p |
Mon, Jan 12 6:30p |
Tue, Jan 13 7p
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LeeSaar – Geisha
“Geisha,” by LeeSaar The Company, is a trio with a sexy, raw edge that belies an underlying sense of vulnerability. – The New Yorker, 2008
“LeeSaar’s dances always require unwavering attention, they are powerful. “Geisha” is one of their strongest and most fascinating excursions into territory whose physical and emotional atmospheres are a coolly seething whole.”
-Jennifer Dunning , The NY Times, 2008. Runtime: 1 hour
Sat, Jan 10 2p |
Mon, Jan 12 7p

The BodyCartography Project – Holiday House
“The pleasure of viewing is so intense here, so fun as to be nearly guilty.”-Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. On holiday the normal sequence of time unravels, regular activities, chores and spatial awareness of ordinary places are deconstructed or completely altered, perception bends. Reality shifts. Dance and video artists Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad are co-directors of the BodyCartography Project and have been collaborating for ten years. Run time: 50 minutes
Fri, Jan 9 7p |
Sat, Jan 10 10:30p |
Mon, Jan 12 10p |
Tue, Jan 13 3:30p

Palissimo – Blind Spot
“Blind Spot casts a potent spell.” – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice
Pavel Zustiak, the 2007 recipient of The Princess Grace Award in Choreography, reprises the acclaimed Blind Spot at Performance Space 122 and creates a world where that which is no longer seen, heard, nor felt reoccurs as an unwelcome guest. Numb senses retrieve their former abilities and experience the world as if for the first – or last – time. Run time: 1 hour
Thu, Jan 8 7p |
Fri, Jan 9 10:30p
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Reid Farrington – The Passion Project
“One of the most satisfying theatrical experiences I’ve had in ages” writes Claudia La Rocco
Carl Th. Dreyer’s 1928 immortal masterpiece is exploded into three dimensions. With multiple projection surfaces and one single actor, Farrington explores the intersection of live performance and film giving us a complete look at the outtakes and reels that were lost to fire, like Joan of Arc herself.
Jan 10 – 17: 3p & 9:30p | Jan 13 – 3p ONLY | Jan 14 – 9:30p ONLY
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The TEAM – Architecting
“a remarkable piece of work…” -The Financial Times
A collision of horses, sex and hoop skirts, burning plantations and nasty hurricanes in this musical, time-bending, multi-media epic that weaves through the country’s future, present and past in a modern American requiem. Reconstructions, real and imagined, of citizens and nations.
Fri, Jan 9 8p | Sat, Jan 10 1p | Sun, Jan 11 7p | Wed, Jan 14 7p | Thu, Jan 15 7p | Sat, Jan 17 7p | Sun, Jan 18 2p | Extended: At Performance Space 122, Jan 22 – Feb 15
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Jan 6-14, 2009

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