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Beethoven Live

“What does is not a complete experiment, something that you have not seen before, it is something completely different than you have ever seen.”
-Jana Navratova, Dance Zone Magazine

Czech co-founders of the LaS Company, choreographer Kristina Lhotáková and director/sound designer Ladislav Soukup, create a unique documentary dance-theatre working with non-dancers, “real people,” as inspiration.

For the New York segment of The Name of the Game, a piece that explores the irrevocability of nature, they have assembled a corps of four young people, aged fifteen to twenty-five, who were cast in NYC and who then traveled to Prague to work with the LaS company. The youthful cast, growing up, changing every day, and literally leaping into their lives, embodies the unstoppable forward mechanism of nature, progress, and moments that will never come back. Yet the project seeks to reinvent the “unrepeatable” with aesthetic tools of rhythm, pictures, and movement.

In October, 2005 Lhotáková and Soukup opened “The Name of the Game – Queretaro” at the Encuentro del Cuerpo Festival in Mexico, with Mexican performers. Another version of “The Name of the Game” is currently being worked on in Prague. These three variations will be presented as a mini-festival in Prague in late 2007 at the Archa theatre.

Photos courtesy of LaS company.

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SHOWTIMES: Jan 9th at 10pm, Jan 10th at 10pm, Jan 12th at 7pm, Jan 13th at 9pm

NY Premiere
Sunday, October 28-
Saturday, November 3 2007

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