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Long Table: Art + Technology


Long Table: Art + Technology
Tuesday, November 29th at 6:30pm
At TED Conferences, 330 Hudson St, 11th Floor in Manhattan
In partnership with Kickstarter and TED

What is the responsibility of the arts and technology sectors in creating a richer and more equitable arts landscape? Where will we find ourselves 10 years from now as we think about the rapid development of experiential technology and beyond?
About the Long Table Series:
Performance Space 122’s Long Table Series facilitates meaningful discussions between civic-minded New Yorkers connected by the ideas and questions surrounding New York City’s generative culture. Used as a tactic by think tanks, the startup community and the cultural sector, the Long Table format was first developed by director and scholar Lois Weaver as an experiment in participation and public engagement. The Long Table format is a dinner table atmosphere where all voices are encouraged to ask questions, make statements, leave comments, or simply sit, listen, and watch.
While the format doesn’t require a group conclusion, consensus, or action points, individual participants frequently walk away with a new perspective, a renewed direction for their work, and, most importantly, connections that foster collective growth surrounding each topic. ps122.org/long-table

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